Press Releases

‘Nice Capitalism’ Group Now in Facebook. [11/09/2008]
A New Facebook Group was Formed to Discuss the Book’s “Dangerous” Ideas

‘Nice Capitalism’ Book in [13/08/2008]
“ An Amazing Look at Brands, Advertising, Capitalism and Happiness” According to Customers Reviews

‘Nice’ Capitalism –The New Book by Costas Kataras. [23/07/2008]
A New Book Traces the Secret Correlations of ‘Nice Brands’, ‘Nice Capitalism and ‘Happy Nations’


Discussions of Costas' ideas and his new book (selection):

EΞΠΡΕΣ-ΗΜΕΡΗΣΙΑ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΗ ΕΦΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ books by J.Asdrakos, ET3TV Interview in "Anixneuseis" (P.Savvides)