Press Release, [11/09/2008]


‘Nice Capitalism’ Group Now in Facebook

A New Facebook Group was Formed to Discuss the Book’s “Dangerous” Ideas

A Facebook group was formed to discuss the ideas presented in the new book “Nice Capitalism- A Secret Journey to the Death of the Arrogant Brand” by author Costas Kataras . You may join the group here. Amongst the first topics in the discussion board is and the following: Why our Happiness Level Stagnates and even Declines?

The book , although presents a kind of a “dangerous idea” in the networked, metaglabolization era- one with serious consequences for the economic, corporate, marketing , advertising world , and finally, the individual and society- in fact is a book of hope and comfort for a better future for people and the society.

To order a copy: Amazon . More, including full book contents, sample chapters and other useful info at: and


About the Author

Costas Kataras ( ) founded his own consulting firm Strategic International in 1984, after working in the advertising agency business in Athens, Brussels and London, and also in the media / publishing business.

Over the past 30 years he has advised many global corporations (i.e. APPLE, IBM, HEWLETT-PACKARD, SIEMENS, PFIZER, and UNILEVER), International Organizations (i.e. EUROPEAN COMMISSION, NATO), Governments and NGO’s in many different countries.

Costas since 2007 is concentrating his efforts on book writing, speaking, lecturing and consultation. Served as an advisor / expert to the European Commission (Brussels / Luxembourg) on issues related with: Communications / PR / Information Dissemination, Research / S&T and Economic & Regional Development. He has a first Degree in Psychology and also a Diploma from the British Institute of Marketing, and he is a member of the CAM Foundation (UK).
Costas was a founding member of two major pan-European networks, DIALOGUE / (1986, Brussels) and AXION (1990, Brussels), and also   founder of the S.E.E. Digital World Forum.

He lives between Athens, Brussels and London.

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