About Costas Kataras


Costas Kataras founded his own consulting firm Strategic International in 1984, after working in the advertising agency business in Athens, Brussels and London, and also in the media / publishing business.

Over the past 30 years he has advised many global corporations (i.e. APPLE, IBM, HEWLETT-PACKARD, SIEMENS, PFIZER, and UNILEVER), International Organizations (i.e. EUROPEAN COMMISSION, NATO), Governments and NGO’s in many different countries.

Costas since 2007 is concentrating his efforts on book writing, speaking, lecturing and consultation. Served as an advisor / expert to the European Commission (Brussels / Luxembourg) on issues related with: Communications / PR / Information Dissemination, Research / S&T and Economic & Regional Development. He has a first Degree in Psychology and also a Diploma from the British Institute of Marketing, and he is a member of the CAM Foundation (UK).
Costas was a founding member of two major pan-European networks, DIALOGUE / (1986, Brussels) and AXION (1990, Brussels), and also   founder of the S.E.E. Digital World Forum.
He lives between Athens, Brussels and London.
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Costas latest book

In the last years Costas published two books which had a major impact in the global business community. In his latest book , “Nice Capitalism- A Secret Journey to the Death of the Arrogant Brand” , he traces the secret correlations of “Nice Brands”, “Nice Capitalism” and “Happy Nations”, and reveals why the European economic model with it’s “Human Ethos” is surpassing America.

Costas is revealing the secret relationship of people and their psyche with brands, and uses brands as a prism for the identification of emerging mega trends in the meta- globalization economy.

His previous book ‘The Global Village Information Poor’ (1998) was dealing with strategies for growth in the knowledge-based economy and how nations and corporations, particularly from the European ‘south’, could avoid the Digital Divide phenomenon. Reviews in the national media described as ‘one of the book – prophets for the future ‘and put it in the top 10 of international authors for that year. For more information visit Books.


KK speaking in a conference

Costas is an experienced speaker and presenter at many international conferences, global companies’ events and meetings in many countries, providing the broad and global view. This, together with fresh and ‘dangerous ideas’ and best practices on strategy, marketing, advertising and economic development in the context of our information economy.

He also is lecturing in universities / business schools and has almost ten years experience in teaching to colleges on such topics as: marketing, communications/PR, consumer behavior, market research, motivation analysis and other.
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KK speaking in a conference

Costas for almost three decades works on data-driven and research-based insights, forecasts and scenario analysis that drive the 21st century and our networked world. He works also closely with academic and other research centers, leading global consultancies and ‘think tanks’.

Recently he concentrates, among others, on research work regarding the future of global brands particularly in ‘rich countries’ and comparative research regarding cutting-edge trends and the competitive performance of American vs. European brands.


KK speaking in a conference

Costas ‘dangerous ideas’ and research-based forecasts , as also presented in his books, that most had come true, together with his provocative foresight ability to foresee the shape of things to come , are recognized internationally .

His ‘whole view’, systemic (GST) approaches to problems solving and strategy development makes him a perfect partner to provide new insights to any organization that will seek his consultation and advice.

He appears regularly on TV in national and international channels (indicative only: GBC / Bloomberg, ITV etc) and in major papers.